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Corporate Profile. The Dhingra Group was started by Mr Virendra Kumar Dhingra through a modest beginning of dealing in Property In the year 1978. The target area of coverage was the then vast open plots of Greater Kailash I, New Delhi. The goal was one sided - to grow and set a good name for oneself.

Within a period of seven years the name of the promoter was synonymous with, not only the DLF promoted Colony of Greater Kailash but also with properties all over south Delhi.

It is year 1985 that the next step was taken to add to the profile “building development”.

The first Building Company was set up as a consortium of like minded partners to explore the ever increasing market of construction. Though the focus was on complete development of Residential property, the market of Commercial space was not ignored.
Within a short span of 10 years the Company through self and other associate companies formed for technical tie ups had success in the form of several residential properties developed mainly in South Delhi other than major commercial projects in Greater kailash markets in both, part I and part II.
In this period the Group acquired, through auction, two multi-commercial complexes 1) Ocean Complex, 2) Ocean Plaza in sector 18, Noida. Here the Group got branded as a pioneer in the Commercial development in Noida as, Sector 18 in Noida turned out to be the most successful commercial complex in the area.
Further in this period, pioneering residential complex projects were planned in Mussoorie and executed successfully. Here also, there project initiated the influx of building activity and, which has made Mussoorie a preferred destination for all north Indians throughout the year for their vacations, both long and for their short weekends.
At this stage came the next change wherein all the partners became confident of venturing on their own as independent set ups.

Second stage growth chart.

From 1995, the Dhingra group, on their own increased their efforts in the field of construction and decided to not only increase quantity but work on quality which, was now slowly getting to be an important facet of success.
Adherence to laws and quality clientele was additionally put in the preview of business growth.
Sustained effort resulted in the achievement of the wider base of all kinds of clientele and better /more projects in the achievement list.
Today's position.
The Group, which now includes 12 companies with different projects and different Consortiums boasts of an annual average turnover of over 200 crores collectively other that having deals with big Industries/banks/ high net worth individuals.
The current projects - small, medium and large, would be over 15 and this number is also the range number of projects the Group holds at any point of time.
In back office infrastructure, the Group is run by professions available for all the specific areas including financial, architecture, engineering and marketing.
As of today, Mr V.K. Dhingra is actively assisted by his Son, Mr Sanjeev Dhingra who, other than with appropriate qualification, is also young and energetic and is working as a full time director of the Group Companies.

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