HUDA allows stilt floor; residential houses can go up to 14.5 metre

August 31, 2013,  Panchkula


Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has allowed stilt floor on ground for residential plots of 6-marla and above. Now, the houses could go up to 14.5 metre height in case stilt floor up to 2.4 metre is constructed, with first, second and third floor above the stilt.

Earlier, a 3-floor house without stilt could go up to 12 metre only.

A stilt floor is defined as the ground level portion of structure consisiting of structural columns supporting the house, and it can be used for parking only. Earlier, it was allowed only in group hosuing societies.



Chief Town Planner, HUDA, Manjit Kaur has issued clarfications on the amendment in HUDA ( Erection of buildings) Regulations, 1979, where basement is also allowed below the stilt as per requirement of the owner in residential plots. “The roof slab of the basement should be designed for taking load of the vehicles proposed to be parked on the slab under the stilt of the parking.

The basement not execeeding maximum permissible covergae on ground floor and intended to be used for parking, services and storage shall be allowed, if it satisfies the public health and structural requirements…,” said the letter from Kaur to all administrators and estate officers written on behalf of chief administrator HUDA.

The ramps to the basement shall not be allowed for going into basement of plots having an area of less than 1 kanal.

Regarding safety of stilt, Kaur’s letter pointed out that while constucting the owner shall ensure the structural safety of adjoining buildings. “ The stilt shall also be allowed on such houses where the owner intends to demolish the exisiting structure, provided that the owner ensures to take care of safety measures of existing adjoining buildings and submits a structural satability certificate from a strcutural engineer ( M Tech in structures) specifically to this effect and also submits an indemnity bond in this regard indemnifying HUDA and its officils in this regard.”

Key changes


1)  Stilt with basement is allowed
2)  Residential houses can go up to 14.5 metre with stilt
3)  In houses with stilt, residential use shall be allowed on subsequent floors while stilt floor can only be used for parking

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