27 Jan 2014, Hindustan Times (Delhi)

As of now, the road is battered at a number of places between the Delhi and Faridabad border

We have been waiting for years for it to be repaired. A proper road will reduce the commuters miseries.KULDEEP KUMAR, Mawai I wish the authorities prohibit the movement of heavy transport vehicles on the road. RAJU THAKUR,commuter

 Commuters using the road between Faridabad and Delhi along the eastern bank of the Agra Canal would know what an ordeal it is to drive down the 16km long stretch from Tigaon Bridge in Ballabgarh to Mithapur, near the Faridabad-Delhi border.

The road is an important link between colonies situated across the Agra Canal and Noida and Ghaziabad via Kalindi Kunj.

The nightmarish experience is likely to be over as Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department has started special repair of the road.

The road serves as an important link for commuting between the colonies situated across the Agra Canal and Noida and Ghaziabad via Kalindi Kunj, bypassing the congested Delhi-Mathura Road. As of now, the road is battered at various places between Faridabad and Delhi border.

As the land belongs to the Uttar Pradesh Ir rig ation Department (UPID), HUDA has deposited the money with UPID for it to carry out the repair work.

UPID sub divisional engineer, SC Jain said the estimated cost of the project is Rs 37 crore. “The scheduled time of completion of the project is nine months. However, we hope to complete it by June end,” he said.

Though UPID had carried out some patch work on the road in May 2012, it did not help commuters for long as the road started wearing off in a few months.

Jain said the road needs special repair for smoother vehicular movement. “As the width of the road is uneven at some places, the project includes widening of the road on some stretches besides carpeting. There will be no central verge on the road and the width of the road will be 7.5m for smooth up and down movement of vehicles,” he said.

Though the road is a link road for Mithapur, Jaitpur, Shiv Durga Builders Colony and other neighbouring villages situated along the Agra Canal, it serves as an important link between Faridabad and Noida. The narrow bridge near the Mitahpur crossing is a choke point with the congestion increasing during peak traffic hours in the morning as well as evening.

To ease traffic congestion on the road, Haryana Irrigation Department (HID) also started the construction of another bridg e with six- lanes at Mithapur that runs perpendicular to the road that is being repaired.

HID executive engineer, Sandeep Taneja said while three lanes of the bridge have been completed, work on the other three lanes is yet to begin due to the delay in release of funds by the Delhi government. “The old bridge is to be dismantled to pave the way for the other three lanes. It will take at least four months to complete the remaining work after the funds are released by the Delhi government,” he said.

Sandeep Parashar, who often commutes between his house in Tigaon and Noida, feels that a good road on the stretch will prove to be a boon. “The road on the eastern side of the Agra Canal is the shortest route for commuters going to Noida and Ghaziabad. A better road on the eastern side of the Agra Canal will certainly be a great relief. It will also help reduce congestion on the Delhi-Mathura Road,” he said.

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