Assured Return Investment in Faridabad

Posted by Rajinder Mehta

Assured Return is an investment whose output is guaranteed income over a period of time and also gives assured money on completion. These Assured Return projects are very much effective and fruitful because the returns are confirmed with high rate of interest. It is one of the safest and low-risk investment plans. It provides investors with a fixed monthly income

Assured Returns schemes are the scheme offered by the real estate builder to their customer by promising 10-12% assured return per annum on office space payable monthly on the invested amount while the building is under construction. The payments usually last till the first lease or for 1-2 years after the construction is completed. This is the other way of funding the project which have been invented by the builder while the banks are reluctant to lend the developers or demanding an interest rate of 17-20% on construction loan. Assured Return Schemes prove to be beneficial to both the builder as well as to the investor/buyer.

In Faridabad, Assured Return options are only available in commercial property. Every project offers different types of assured returns. There are mainly four projects available where you can invest for assured return purpose i.e. SRS Emerald & IT Tower, Piyush Global I, RPS Infinia.

SRS Emerald has attractive plans where after paying 100% down payment, company offers 12% assured return and if you pay 50% of down payment, 10% assured return is offered. There is a detailed Construction Linked plan where 10% assured return is offered. Also they offer Zero Money Deposit Plan where 100% money back in 90 months and get advance cheques of 90 months. 

SRS IT Tower, Piyush Global I and RPS Infinia all offers 12% assured return with full down payment. Thus, for tension free & risk free investment, go for Assured Return Investment.




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