RUP at Mewla Maharajpur soon

16 Jun 2014, Hindustan Times (Delhi)

It will give relief to thousands of people living on either side of the rail track


For a change, the Railways has taken lead over Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) by starting the construction work on the much-awaited rail under pass (RUP) at Mewla Maharajpur that will give relief to thousands of commuters living in Sector 45, 46, 47 on the western side of the rail track with the eastern side.

The digging work for the RUP has started.

The underpass is to be constructed by HUDA for the approach roads work and by the Railways for the section falling under the rail tracks. The Railways has started the work on the underpass by beginning digging of road from the DelhiMathura Road side of the link that will pass under the rail track to reach the intersection of Sector 45 and 46.

The project assumes importance due to the fact that this will not only meet the longpending demand of the commuters living in Sector 45, Sector 46 and Mewla Maharjpur who will save on time and fuel, it will also reduce the traffic burden on the rail over bridge (ROB) at Badkhal Morh that is as of now being used by thousands of commuters from these colonies to reach the DelhiMathura Road.

The construction company engaged by the Railways, Akashwa Constructions, began work for the construction of the underpass on Wednesday morning.

T he Project Of ficer of Akashwa Constructions, G.K. Joshi, said as there is no encroachment or obstruction on either side of the rail tracks where the underpass is to be build up, work is likely to be completed sooner than later. “We are hopeful to complete the work on our portion by September 2015,” he said.

The estimated cost of the railways portion of the work is Rs 9 crore. In last June the commuters as well as HUDA was quite hopeful that hurdles were being removed in the way of the construction of the RUP at Mewla Maharajpur as the Railways had approved the general arrangement drawing (GAD) and invited tenders for the work on its portion of the RUP.

Generally, it happens that the railway authorities take longer to finalise the contract. As a result, most projects involving the work on the railway portion get delayed.

The rail over bridge (ROB) at Badkhal Morh and Malerna and the RUP at Old Faridabad rail level crossing are the examples of the tardiness on the part of the railways that resulted in delay in completion of these projects.

As for the work on the HUDA portion, it is yet to start. Neither HUDA superintending engineer A.K. Gulati nor executive engineer Bhupinder Singh, who is looking after the project, was available for comment

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