Island near Kheri Pul to check congestion

  11 Aug 2014 Hindustan Times Delhi

This will reduce traffic chaos on the western side of Kheri Pul towards Bypass Road


To end traffic blues caused by vehicles coming from Greater Faridabad near Kheri Pul and taking the Bypass Road for going to Sector 29 and Delhi, Public Works Department (PWD) is making a park to check the movement at the intersection.

The island will be beautified by the horticulture department.

PWD (Buildings and Roads) executive engineer Dilbagh Singh Dhanda said an island is being made across the Kheri Pul towards the intersection along the Bypass Road to make the movement of vehicles and pedestrians safer.

“The island, which will be soon beautified by the horticulture department, will reduce traffic congestion on the wester n side of the Kheri Pul towards the Bypass Road,” he said.

To avoid a U-turn for going towards Sector 29 or Delhi on the Bypass Road, vehicles coming to the Kheri Pul, particularly auto-rickshaws and twowheelers would impede the movement of vehicles coming from Delhi.

“The situation has worsened with the widening of the intersection near Kheri Pul on the Bypass Road as the vehicles coming from Kheri across the Agra Canal would cross the vehicles coming from Delhi. The police post has also been shifted to widen the intersection. However, instead of providing relief it has compounded the problem. As there is no traffic signal and the intersection is hardly manned except during peak traffic, vehicles coming from Kheri Pul would suddenly appear from nowhere in the middle of the road,” said Suresh Malhotra, a resident of Sector 3.


Echoing similar views, Hemant Aggarwal, a resident of Sector 8, said commuters would use the road to move ahead at 45° angle to come in the way of vehicles coming from Delhi that also caused accidents several times.

“As there is a gap between the Kheri Pul and the cemented slabs used for diversion of traffic coming from Kheri to direct it towards Faridabad for taking a U-turn ahead on the Bypass Road vehicles, some auto-rickshaws and two-wheelers could be seen passing through this gap to avoid a detour. This would sometimes bring vehicles to a screeching halt and at times the vehicles coming from two directions would collide,” he said.

Nathi Ram, a vendor at the Kheri Pul, said the raising of an island will not only block the traffic coming directly from the Kheri Pul to the Bypass Road in the opposite direction, but it will also it beautify the area.

“They have proposed to beautify the island. A small park is to be developed on the area. It will be a relief as a lot of air pollution is caused by the vehicles moving around,” he said.

Dhanda said walls are being raised on the banks of the Agra Canal adjoining the walls of the bridge to restrict the movement of people.

“The area along the banks near the bridge had become unsafe for the locals, who throw flowers in the Agra Canal. Walls with low heights are being raised so that people cannot throw flowers from there into the Agra Canal,” he said.


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