Malerna ROB to be made operational soon


 After missing several deadlines, finally work on the overbridge is nearing completion.HUDA HAD UNDERTAKEN THE JOB OF WIDENING THE BYPASS ROAD AT AN ESTIMATED COST OF ` 140 CRORE.


The much-awaited Bypass Road from the Badarpur border to Kaili village is going to be operational soon. The rail overbridge (ROB) at Malerna is nearing completion and this will make driving hassle free on the 28 km road.
The rail overbridge is yet to be thrown open for public but some overzealous commuters have already started using it.
The deadline for the completion of the work is October 31, and the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) officials associated with the project feel that the ROB is going to be ready by then. At the most it will take another week to finish the work. However, some overzealous commuters, including truckers, have already started using the ROB, avoiding the congested Delhi-Mathura Road from the Delhi border to Kaili village, ahead of Ballabgarh.
The HUDA executive engineer, Bhupinder Singh, who is supervising the project, said the work on the Malerna ROB is nearing completion. "There was some issue regarding some land at Kaili near the ROB. That too has been resolved as a turn has been made bypassing the disputed land," he said.
HUDA executive engineer Satpal Dahiya, who had been associated with the ROB project for long, said some work pertaining to the railing is in the final stage. "We are hopeful of finishing it by October 31. Due to Diwali, the labour was on leave for a few days. Even then, there should not be a delay of more than a week," he said.
HUDA had undertaken the job of widening the Bypass Road at an estimated cost of Rs 140 crore. HUDA had decided to widen the 26-km long road from Sector 37 to Sector 59 in 2008. The two-lane wide Bypass Road had to be widened to have six lanes. The traffic bound for long distance, particularly heavy vehicles, would by pass Faridabad and Ballabgarh towns, reducing vehicular burden on the Delhi-Mathura Road.
While the work on the widening of the Bypass Road from Sector 37 to Sector 59 was completed over a year back, the ROB on the Bypass Road near the Maler na railway crossing remained incomplete all these years, discouraging long-distance commuters to use the Bypass Road.
The ROB is part of the sixlaning of the Bypass Road from Sector 37 to Kaili village. The ROB too has six lanes and is coming up near Malerna railway crossing. The length of the ROB is 689.8 m. The length of the ROB over the rail track will be 51.4 m. The estimated cost of the project was Rs 20.46 crore when the work started in July 2008. Later, the cost of the project was revised to Rs 22.4 crore due to time overrun.
HUDA started the construction work on its portion in July 2008, while railways began in November 2009. After some break, the work on the railway por tion resumed only in January 2010.
The scheduled date of completion of the project was March 31, 2012. It has been revised several times due to delay in the construction of the railway portion of the ROB. A fault in the design of the ROB caused the delay.
"As per the original plan, the railways had to complete the work in 18 months from the date it started the work. But being a central agency, one can always expect delay as there is a lot of red tape," said a HUDA official. The work on the Bypass Road began in 2009 and by 2011 end almost 98% of the work had been completed. But it did not help in easing traffic congestion on the Delhi-Ma thura Road as it could not be widened on a stretch of 1.1 km due to encroachments and on another stretch of 200 m due to a court case.
"There was also a delay due to the incomplete ROB at Malerna that would have completely bypassed the traffic up to Kaili village on national highway-2 ahead of Ballabgarh. With all these hurdles removed now, commuters using DelhiM at hura Road from the Badarpur border to Ballabgarh are also likely to face less congestion as a lot of long-distance traffic is going to use the Bypass Road soon," said Ashok Kaushal, a resident of Sector 7.


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