FOBs at crossings on Bypass Road


  • 17 Jan 2015
  • Hindustan Times (Delhi)

The decision has been taken in view of the heavy traffic volume on the road

In view of the increase in traffic volume on Bypass Road, Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has decided to construct foot over bridges (FOBs) near important intersections that will allow safe movement of the pedestrians across the road.
The FOBs will allow safe movement of pedestrians on busy roads.
HUDA had undertaken the job of widening of the Bypass Road at an estimated cost of Rs 140 crore. It had decided to widen the 26-km-long road from Sector 37 to Kaili village ahead of Ballabgarh towards Palwal in 2008. The two-lane wide Bypass Road had to be widened to have six lanes to reduce traffic congestion on the Delhi-Mathura Road.
The idea was to have the facility that would allow the traffic bound for long distances, particularly heavy transport vehicles, to bypass Faridabad and Ballabgarh town, reducing vehicular burden on the Delhi-Mathura Road. The road is ready now and the vehicular movement is also increasing gradually on the road.
HUDA superintending engineer AK Gulati said there is a need to have FOBs at three places at least.
“There are some important intersections on the Bypass Road where there is heavy pedestrian movement. There is a need to have FOBs near such points,” he said.
The FOBs will not only allow safe pedestrian movement across the Bypass Road, they will also reduce congestion that is often caused by jaywalkers near the intersections.
Residents of scores of villages situated across the Agra Canal also cross the Bypass Road to go to Delhi or various parts of Faridabad. Greater Faridabad is also coming up in a big way to accommodate lakhs of people in the future. The Industrial Model Township across the Agra Canal with 550 industrial units will also start soon. All this will see a rise in pedestrian movement across the Bypass Road.
HUDA is preparing the budget for 2015-2016. However, it is not yet clear whether there will be a budgetary provision for FOBs in the next financial year.
Gulati said the issue will be discussed at the headquarters. “A civic body has the right to get an FOB built by a private party and share the revenues on account of renting the space for advertisement with it. Otherwise, HUDA will have to construct the FOBs on its own. A decision in this regard will be taken by the head office. If the FOBs are to be built by HUDA, we will make a provision for it in our budget for the next financial year,” he said.


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