Faridabad corridor gets 6-coach Metro

14-Nov-2015 / Hindustan Times (Delhi)

After facing lot of criticism during initial days for mismanagement at the metro stations, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has taken certain measures aimed at addressing commuting woes of the passengers.

Passengers have heaved a sigh of relief as DMRC has started plying six coach Metros on Faridabad corridor.

Though DMRC had already announced earlier this service was launched that six coach metros will run on Faridabad metro corridor, but this was not done till a few days ago.

Passengers heaved a sigh of relief as DMRC has started plying six coach Metros on Faridabad corridor for the last few days. “We had been demanding that six coach metros were necessary to cope with the passenger crowd on Faridabad line during peak hours,” said R M Naidu, a Metro commuetr, adding, “I am happy six coach metros have started plying on Faridabad corridor.”

“During morning hours, the passengers would suffocate due to massive crowd inside the trains. Now, after introduction of six coach trains on this line at peak rush hour, passengers feel relaxed and even have a chance of getting room to sit,” he said.

“Introduction of six coaches was already in the plans, but could not do it initially due to some reason. Now six coach Metros are running on this line for the convenience of the passengers,” DMRC spokesperson said.

However, normally it has been seen that the frequency upto Badarpur from Delhi is high and it is very low on Faridabad line. “While coming from Delhi, most of the Metros do not proceed to Faridabad and are terminated at Badarpur and the passengers are forced to alight at Badarpur station and wait for another metro for Faridabad. A lot of time is wasted in this,” said Alok Ranjan, a commuter. “Even during the peak hours, all six coach Metros originating at ITO or Central Secretariat should be up to Escorts Mujesar Metro station which unfortunately is not case,” said Ranjan.

Second problem which the passengers still face is of tokens. The token counter do not function properly at number of stations, instead the passengers are forced to queue up at the token vending machines. The Metro stations which witness a huge rush during morning hours are Old Faridabad, Ajrondha and Escorts Mujesar. The auto-rickshawas have hiked fair up to Metro stations and even charge exorbitantly taking advantage of helplessness of the passengers, who are sur rounded by them, the moment they come out of metro stations.

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