AURIA CENTRAL ( Original Booking ), Faridabad


1. Auria Central takes shopping to premium levels.

2. Its strategic location ensures that you get access to a ready customer base within the township and also large floating customer base from outside, since it is on the 30m Schedules Road.

3. It is also important to note that a 2000 bed Mata Amritanandamayi Institute and Hospital is being developed adjacent to the Auria township.

4. Fidelis Hospital and KR Mangalam school are opening shortly within RPS City.

The retail spaces are designed to offer ultimate convenience and flexibility. There are extensive provision to plan for air conditioning, drainage, water supply and exhaust systems. The facade is exquisitely created for high brand visibility. This will ensure that your brand will be prominently visible for passing customers. 13-meter-wide internal mall road in front of the shops enhances the overall ambience of the retail outlets.


1. Various sizes to meet varying needs of businesses.

2. Shops from 180-345 sq.ft super area13 meter wide internal mall road in front of the shops

3. 2 KVA Power back up for each shop

4. Large customer base of 20000 residence within the RPS City

5. Direct accessibility from 30m Scheduled road having 30 m green belt on both sides


6. Excellent facade for brand visibility